• 600 Seat Air-Conditioned Dining Room

  • (3) Buffet Meals are included

  • Mango Cafe with Wi-Fi

  • In-Room WiFi Available (optional)

  • (7) Gazebos

  • Swimming Pool

  • Covered Basketball Court

  • Lighted Grass Volleyball Court

  • Large Playing Field

  • Covered Children's Playground

  • Fishing Pond

  • Horse-back Riding and Calesa

  • Daily Housekeeping Services

  • 24-hour Security



The MMRC swimming area is a trend-setting multi-function aquatic facility.  It comprises a 25-Meter lap pool, shallower play pool, and wide shallow entrance steps for young children and toddlers to enjoy.  Colorful fountains, waterfalls and infinity edges combine for a satisfying and refreshing stay - on deck or in water!



A covered basketball court provides a base for all types of games and activities. A small playing field allows for soccer and ultimate Frisbee competition. A volleyball court is near Mango Café which also hosts a connected game room.  A covered children's playground (for age 10 and below) is next to Bethel Lodge.



Above the dining room is the Zion meeting area which can accommodate 800 when all three sections are opened.  When the sections are closed, the end sections can accommodate 200 and the middle section 300.

Bethel Lodge Rooftop has three meeting areas accommodating 150-250 each.

The Mango Café has the loft extension good for seminars of up to 50 attendees.



The Mango Café is the hotspot for both WiFi and espresso drinks. All types of hot and cold beverages, blended or straight, are available.  The food menu boasts freshly made short order combinations that are the perfect match for your choice of beverage.  Treat yourself and your friends to a truly enjoyable time together.



The main dining area can accommodate 600 in air-conditioned comfort.  With separate large groups scheduled to enter at 30-minute intervals, more than 1,000 can be served in 90 minutes..  The buffet-style meals offer an all-you-can-eat choice of viands and always includes steamed rice, vegetables and our fresh baked breads, rolls and desserts.  Coffee and tea are provided at breakfast and supper.